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With all of the Mazda electronics and emmission requirements to contend with I decided to invest in an OBD (On Board Diagnostics) scanner and software to enable reading and diagnosis of fault codes and monitoring of the MX5 sensors, over 200 in total!  The original NC MX5 was set up with OBD-II plug for the ECU which the dealer uses and the scanner diagnoses the error messages and lets you turn off the Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) on the dash.  All very high tech for me but the scanner helped to isolate a number of issues during the build and will also be a useful tool for problem solving once the clubman is on the road.  I purchased my scanner and software, including the enhanced module specific to Mazda vehicles, from Auto Enginuity in the USA (see Links page for details).  Although a bit expensive, the investment is worthwhile when you consider that a dealer will charge around $150 to diagnose a fault code and turn off the MIL, and you still have the use in your garage during the build.

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