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This web site shares the story of my home built (Melbourne, Australia) Locost clubman sports car.  It’s a “Lotus 7” style “clubman” that is definitely NOT a “kit car”.  I constructed it from scratch, based on the “Locost” sports car design in Ron Champion’s book “Build Your Own Sports Car - for as little as 250”.  The project cost a lot more than 250 (UK book), and some may say it could be called a Hicost, but you can’t place a value on the pleasure the build brings and the personal satisfaction obtained when declaring to all who will listen, “I built my own sports car in my home garage!”

You can follow my Locost project from beginning to end and see the result of nine years of blood, sweat and tears. The car is now registered and enjoyed by friends and family as well as myself.  However, I wouldn’t call the car finished just yet.  Even though it’s on the road I still have some changes, improvements and updates planned.  So lets call it a work in progress.......

Locost registered and on the road!

This is how my road registered Locost sports car turned out.   Still some minor refinements to be completed but it drives really well and attracts a lot of attention and positive comments.

Details of the build can be found in the Photo album.

Locost clubman ready to enjoy

Locost clubman opens up

Building a Locost clubman is as easy as.......

 Locate a donor car and remove all its parts.....

.....throw a chassis together.....
Locost chassis ready for painting

.....grab some steel tubing.....
Square steel tube for chassis

.....add bits and pieces to make it move.....
Engine and accessories fitted

.....and you end up with a superb sports car!  Sounds easy enough! 


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