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Web sites for the Locost Clubman enthusiast


Victorian Clubman Builders Group  VCBG - For clubman owners, builders and enthusiasts, both Locost style and kit cars. Friendly, helpful and willing to share their experience and knowledge


Oz Clubbies  Australian forum for builders, enthusiasts and owners of Lotus 7 clubman style vehicles.  A gold mine of knowledge


Clubbies SA  South Australian clubman group


Westfield Car Club Queensland  A car club for like-minded people with a common interest in building & driving clubman style vehicles


Clubman builders resource  Peter Ogden Western Australia


Cartech  Automotive engineering  Rowan Carter (VAAS Engineer), testing Locost clubman cars for ADR compliance & registration in Victoria


Simon’s Locost clubman site    Lots of helpful Links, info, & ideas for Locost builders


Hyabusa powered clubman  (UK) Very quick driver in a Hyabusa Locost style clubman on a variety of tracks in UK.  And he just happens to be a paraplegic. YouTube, turn up the sound and enjoy 


Suzuki motorbike powered Locost   (USA) Locost + Suzuki GSXR = Locouki. Owner builder with lots of info. Part kit car, part home built


An “In the shed production”  Canberra ACT Locost build


How to build a cheap sports car  (USA) Keith Tanner, book author and builder of MX5 powered, Locost style clubman kit car


Building a “Sevenesque” roadster   Jim McSorley (USA).  Includes alternative chassis plans for a Locost, plus build advice & guidance


Fraser Cars  Auckland, New Zealand manufacturer & supplier of clubman kits and fully build clubman vehicles for road and track


Puma Clubman  NSW based supplier of clubman kit cars and components, based on the Locost principles


MK Sports Cars  (UK) Manufacturer of a range of Lotus 7 inspired kit cars.  Home or factory built for road and racing with wide variety of engines including, Honda, Ford, Mazda and motorcycle


Donkervoort  (Netherlands) Exotic, expensive, high performance clubman style sports cars.  Are these the ultimate clubman?


Stalker Cars  (USA) GM (Holden) V6 & V8 powered clubman style kit cars.  Powerful with advanced steering & suspension features


Aussie Desert Cooler  High performance radiators.  Custom built aluminium radiators, shrouds & fans etc


Hoppers Stoppers  Brake specialists.  Repairs, rebuilds, modifications, performance upgrades and brake conversion kits


T7Design  (UK) Supplier of lightweight, compact, custom built heaters for clubman & kit cars


GAZ Shocks  (UK) Manufacturer of wide range of coil over shocks suitable for Locost clubman style cars