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Introducing the owner

The following information is provided to help clarify why I made changes to parts of my Locost.  I use a wheelchair to get around, so when I started this project I adjusted some aspects of the design and dimensions to make it easier for me to get in and out and also provide room to carry my wheelchair.

I built the Locost a bit larger, fitted hand controls and incorporated a six speed automatic transmission to make it easier to drive.  The changes also improve the use of the car for all the different size drivers who may wish to enjoy it in the future.

In 1982, while racing Super-Karts I had a serious accident.  I badly injured my back and spinal cord which left me a paraplegic.  Using a wheelchair for my mobility didn’t slow me down much, and over the years I have undertaken a number of projects in my “Man Cave”.

Being a bit more mature, with no kids at home and having a bit of spare cash available enabled me to indulge my interest in classic cars that I had admired for so long.  I restored an 1977 Jaguar XJC V12 and then a 1972 Jaguar E-Type V12, which you can view on my other web pages by going to My Web Garage.

In my younger days (pre wheelchair) I was a Panel Beater but had not worked in the trade for many years.  The skills were still there and I retained the enthusiasm for working on my own projects.  However, the wheelchair does make it a bit more difficult to handle some of the large, heavy or awkward work, but I can still handle most of it - although generally at a reduced pace.

I am lucky to have some good friends who help with the more difficult lifting of heavy and awkward items and I must admit that without them my Man Cave projects would not be possible.

I am now happily retired and enjoy pottering around the Man Cave working on projects in both wood and steel.  So there you have a bit of background on me. I hope your visit to this site is informative and entertaining.  Feel free to email me with any comments, suggestions or questions - I am always open to a chat with like minded enthusiasts.

Don Lewis
Proud Locost Clubman owner & builder