No chickens on this rotisserie

I wish I had built this rotisserie when I first started the chassis, because it really makes the work a lot easier.  I constructed this simple home made unit and attached it to the chassis when I reached the paint stage.  There are a lot of angles and sides to the multitude of tubes that make up the chassis, so being able to rotate the whole chassis made the preparation and painting process so much easier.  And once I finished with it I sold it and recovered the cost of the material.

I would highly recommend the use of a rotisserie from the very early stages of chassis construction, especially when you are ready to fully weld your tacked chassis.  Easy to build, not all that expensive and a very helpful device.

Or if you don't want to build one, you will find that economical factory built rotisseries are readily available to suit home use and certainly worth the investment, especially when you can resell it after your Locost is finished.

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